BlastMat™ Arc-Suppression Blankets Are the Strongest, Easiest to Use

More than 2,000 workers are injured annually in arc-flash incidents in industrial settings. BlastMat™ arc-suppression blankets are engineered to protect these workers from the three most dangerous elements of any industrial-arc accident – the extreme heat, the pressure wave and the lingering burning from materials exposed to the blast.

In nearly three decades of developing high-temperature hazmat safety products, you learn a few things. Therm-Equip™ has perfected the recipe for manufacturing the strongest, lightest and easiest-to-use arc-suppression blankets available today, the BlastMat line. BlastMat arc-suppression blankets are engineered to properly channel energy from an arc flash/blast to effectively protect workers. Our BlastMat arc-suppression blankets are tested to the ASTM 2676 standard. If you buy another brand, chances are it is not.

In oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants and other high-temperature industrial environments, Therm-Equip products have performed flawlessly for nearly three decades. Our blankets have never experienced a failure in the field.

In fact, our products are over-engineered, on purpose. Industrial research & development processes and innovative, science-based thinking back our high-temperature hazmat safety products. Since lives are often on the line where our products are used, we continuously seek improvements to our products to ensure Therm-Equip offers the best high-temperature hazmat safety products on the market.

Proper installation of arc-suppression blankets is important, as illustrated in this article by Therm-Equip technical director Vic Petrovic, PhD, in Incident Prevention magazine. In another article in Incident Prevention, Petrovic explains the ultimate protection provided by arc-suppression blankets.

Therm-Equip manufactures the BlastMat blanket in two configurations: a light-line style blanket of four layers that are used in 15KA and 25KA applications and a standard blanket of seven layers that is used in a 40KA application.


25KA BlastMat™ Blanket


40KA BlastMat™ Blanket

Electric Arc Blast Test

Worker Protected by BlastMat
BlastMat Full-Length Test Video
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