30 Years of High Temperature Glovebags

Did you know that the Therm-Equip, Inc.® Pipe Case (high temperature glovebag) was developed in 1987 and put on the market in 1988? Before developing the Pipe Case, we were a distribution business supplying asbestos- removal contractors. In the early 1980’s, contractors contacted us regarding asbestos removal on live steam […]

Asbestos in the Workplace

As stated in the article Health Risks From Working In Oil Refinery, “One of the main health risks from working in an oil refinery is exposure to asbestos.” At Therm-Equip, Inc. we OVER-ENGINEER everything on purpose by producing the best-in-class High Temperature Asbestos removal bags. Learn more about Therm-Equip, Inc. Glovebags!