The No. 1 High-Temperature Asbestos-Removal Glovebags Brand Worldwide

Therm-Equip™ has earned the leadership position in the manufacture of high-temperature asbestos-removal glovebags. Over three decades, we’ve combined technical knowledge, experience in multiple high-temperature environments and an understanding of the needs of the workers using our products to develop the only high-temperature glovebags that are unparalleled in the industry and OSHA approved since 1995.

Therm-Equip glovebags are specifically engineered for removing asbestos-containing insulation from high-temperature pipes and ducts. Our glovebags uniquely offer the ability to handle routine maintenance and emergency repair on active pipe and ducts. Safer and more cost-effective than full-scale containment methods, Therm-Equip glovebags eliminate the need for costly shutdowns in industrial environments such as power plants, paper mills and refineries.


PC300 Glovebag


PC400 Glovebag


PC700 Glovebag

In oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants and other high-temperature industrial environments, Therm-Equip products have performed flawlessly for nearly three decades. Our asbestos-removal glovebags have never experienced a failure in the field.

Therm-Equip asbestos-removal glovebags are available in three temperature ranges to accommodate maximum pipe temperatures of 300, 400 and 700 degrees F. In each temperature range, several standard configurations are available to accommodate pipe diameters up to 30 inches for horizontal and vertical pipe.

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