PC700 Asbestos Remediation Glovebag Handles Temps Up To 700 Degrees

You’d expect the No. 1 brand of high-temperature asbestos remediation glovebags to manufacture the highest-temperature-rated glovebag on the market. You’d be right.

The PC700 asbestos remediation glove bag by Therm Equip® is designed for removal of asbestos-containing insulation at temperatures up to 700 degrees F.

Therm-Equip asbestos-remediation glove bags, including the PC700, are specifically engineered for removing asbestos-containing insulation from high-temperature pipes and ducts. Our glovebags uniquely offer the ability to handle routine maintenance and emergency repair on active pipe and ducts. Safer and more cost-effective than full-scale containment methods, Therm-Equip glovebags eliminate the need for costly shutdowns in industrial environments such as power plants, paper mills and refineries.

The PC700 asbestos-remediation glovebag is manufactured with woven opaque high-temperature fabric with full stitched and sealed seams. Insulated work gloves are sealed to high-temperature resistant sleeves. Workers view the work area through a transparent window above the glove-sleeve assembly.The PC700 asbestos-remediation glovebag is available in multiple configurations and can handle a maximum load of up to 100 pounds. Therm-Equip will also work with you to develop a custom solution for your high-temperature asbestos-removal needs.

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